LaxCon Fastball - Paul Rabil - Breaking the World Record

Jan 28, 2019

Bobby Thakkar


Fast and furious.

We aren’t talking about Paul Walker and his movies; we’re talking about Paul Rabil and his shot.

123 miles per hour to be exact.  

That’s not a typo. That’s not a speed limit. That’s the new world record for world’s fastest lacrosse shot set by Paul Rabil at #LaXCon2019.

If he drives as fast as he shoots lacrosse balls, then he better be driving on ze autobahn. That’s moving so fast you don’t have to worry about the Coriolis effect.

So who is Paul Rabil?

78,000 Twitter followers know who Paul Rabil is, as does Dude Perfect, who have done a trick shot video with him that to date has had 24 million views. <link to video?>  MLL (Major League Lacrosse) goaltenders are familiar with his work because he is the all-time leading scorer. The 33 year old out of Maryland is endorsed by Red Bull and New Balance Inc.’s Warrior brand and is the face of the sport of lacrosse.

If you haven’t been introduced to him by now, it’s time you meet “lacrosse’s first million-dollar man.”

“The Lebron James of Lacrosse.” - The New York Times

A three-time U.S. national team player, FIL World Championship MVP and gold medalist with Team USA (most recently this past summer in Israel), there’s a reason why Entrepreneur Magazine included Rabil as one of their top 40 Most Entrepreneurial Athletes.

Listed at 6’3’’ and a solid 220lbs, Rabil fits the mold of an NFL linebacker. Let’s just say he can put some torque into a shot.

On the social side, he has his Suiting Up Podcast, his Paul’s Pulse newsletter, Rabil’s Kitchen featuring his favorite nutritional tips and the web series Forward. It’s no surprise SportTechie named him the Most Tech Savvy Athlete of 2017.

With organizations like the Paul Rabil foundation, which according to his website is committed to helping children with learning differences by creating programs and partnerships through sport and scholarship, and Rabil Ventures, which provides capital, advisory, and operating expertise to entrepreneurs, it’s clear he has the mind of a business executive as much of pro athlete.

His most recent business development is his co-founding of the Premier Lacrosse League (PLL) with the announcement coming in 2018.

According to an article by Bloomberg, the Sports & Fitness Industry Association identifies 2.17 million lacrosse participants in the U.S., an increase of 35 percent from 2012. Moreover, 57 percent of them have an annual household income of at least $75,000, making the group attractive to advertisers. Participation in tackle football, by comparison, dropped 23 percent in that same period.

It is clear that as lacrosse grows, it will need the funds to afford the cost of goods and services.

Zoom zoom.


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