NFL Draft: From Luxury To Limbo

Mar 18, 2020

Rohan Dang


It was supposed to be in Las Vegas. It was supposed to be at the Bellagio. Players were supposed to be transported to stage by boat. The 2020 NFL Draft was supposed to be luxurious to say the least…Now what?

From a practical standpoint, the NFL Draft can be conducted virtually. Teams can call in their picks, ESPN can make their production, and the Draft could go about nearly as planned. We can even have live video feeds of the draftees as they get selected, if they so choose. This is expected to be the case, especially after the NFL agreeing on the CBA earlier this week implies the league’s willingness to keep the offseason moving. The NFL also followed up with an announcement confirming that the draft will go on as scheduled, but without the public events.

So at least we get the draft...but damn! This was supposed to be a show! This was supposed to be NFL’s beginning in Las Vegas, before the Raiders officially kick their season off there in 2020. It will surely be a bummer to see a pared down version of what would’ve been quite the draft. 


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